Meeting Cinderella on Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Line: Making Magical Memories with a Neurodiverse Child

Embarking on a Disney Cruise Line trip is exciting but requires a lot of preparation when traveling with a neurodiverse child. Can a sensory-rich environment like a Disney cruise accommodate the unique needs of a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and ADHD, like our daughter Elizabeth? Absolutely! Our journey aboard the Disney Dream was a wonderful experience that catered to her unique needs. Let me share the lessons we learned and how Disney’s disability accommodations made our family vacation magical and inclusive.

Bon Voyage

First, cruising with a neurodiverse child requires thoughtful preparation to ensure a memorable and less stressful experience. This is especially true for our daughter, Elizabeth, who has sensory processing disorder as well as autism and ADHD. Choosing the Disney Dream for our voyage was more accessible than other vacations due to its family-friendly environment and accommodations for guests with diverse requirements.

Father and Daughter with luggage at the airport
At Orlando International Airport

Consulting with Disney Cruise Line

Second, before setting sail, we checked the Disney Cruise Line website for information on guests with disabilities. This proactive step helped us plan, and we felt reassured that the staff would tailor her experience onboard to meet her needs. This offered us peace of mind and the opportunity to enjoy the adventure ahead fully.

Also, installing the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app before your trip will help familiarize yourself with essential details before you arrive. Knowing your itinerary is so helpful when creating a schedule for your neurodivergent child. Once onboard, we received a daily newsletter with additional details of the day’s events.

Day 1: Port Canaveral and Boarding

We started our day at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge, where the Disney Cruise Line bus took us to the Disney Terminal at Port Canaveral. The bus ride was enjoyable; the onboard TVs played classic Disney cartoons. Once we arrived at the terminal, we did all the necessary security checks and met with staff who checked our reservations and identification. We dropped off our luggage and kept a small backpack with essentials. The entire process was seamless, and we entered the ship.

Family standing in front of Disney Cruise Line Bud
Boarding the Disney Cruise Line Bus

Embarking on Disney Dream

Our names were announced as we boarded the Disney Dream, making the experience extra magical. The vibrant colors and cheerful décor immediately lifted our spirits. Elizabeth was very excited looking at all the elaborate details of the ship’s interior. Also, since this cruise was in December, the ship was decorated for Christmas. The friendly crew welcomed us aboard, setting the tone for a magical adventure ahead, and we went to one of the restaurants for a quick lunch.

Mickey Ear Port Entrance
Boarding the Ship at Port Canaveral

Meeting the Disney Dream Crew

The crew members on the Disney Dream were very friendly and helped us get settled into our stateroom. Shortly after we arrived, we needed to attend mandatory safety training. The safety training sessions were informative and reassuring, especially when traveling with someone with a disability. Knowing that measures were in place to ensure everyone’s well-being throughout the trip helped ease my travel anxiety.

The training was a little tricky for Elizabeth because it was a lot of transitioning from one activity to the next, and Elizabeth was ready to relax in our room. The training was loud and was very crowded. This process would have been much more manageable if we had brought noise-canceling headphones.

Large chandelier in the Disney Dream Lobby
Disney Dream Lobby

After the mandatory safety training, we checked in at guest relations to reserve time to meet the Disney princesses. It is essential to check if there are any experiences aboard that require advanced reservations to ensure the activities your family wants to do are available. When we sailed, there wasn’t a disability access service pass available like the Disney Parks. You should be aware of this when waiting for character experiences if you have a child who has difficulty waiting in line. One party member might want to stand in line while you and your child do another activity to avoid anxiety while waiting.

Fun and Activities Aboard

Cruising on the Disney Dream provided endless entertainment for our daughter, Elizabeth. There were so many choices onboard, but it was hard to choose between activities because there were so many fun options!

Outside the Walt Disney Theatre onboard the Disney Dream Cruise Ship
At the Walt Disney Theatre

Entertainment and Character Interactions

Meeting Disney characters was a dream come true for Elizabeth. Their patience and warmth made every encounter magical. The onboard entertainment was engaging, including Broadway-style shows, fireworks, and movie theater. Elizabeth’s face lit up with excitement as she interacted with all her favorite characters on the ship.

Family meeting Mickey Mouse on Disney Dream Cruise
Meeting Mickey Mouse

Pool Time and Outdoor Adventures

The pools and outdoor activities on the Disney Dream provided Elizabeth with moments of pure joy. She splashed around in the pools, went down small water slides, and played outdoor games. The famous Aquaduck waterslide was too ambitious for her, so we skipped that attraction.

Father and Daughter at Cruise ship splash pad
Splash Pad Time!

Exploring the Kids’ Clubs

Elizabeth felt right at home in the kids’ clubs aboard the Disney Dream. The counselors were attentive and understanding, ensuring Elizabeth was comfortable and engaged in activities. The structured yet flexible environment allowed her to interact independently and explore new interests. She only spent a little bit of time in the kids’ club because it was a 3-day cruise, and we had a packed itinerary, but if we schedule another cruise, I am sure this will be a priority for next time.

Dining Options

The dining experiences on the Disney Dream were nothing short of magical. We all found enjoyable options, from elegant restaurants to quick-service options, buffet selections, and room service. The attentive staff onboard ensured that Elizabeth’s dietary preferences were met and went above and beyond to cater to her specific needs. They took the time to understand her preferences and ensured that each dining experience was positive for her.

Ice Cream Sundae

Dining Experiences on Disney Dream

We rotated through three different restaurants each night for dinner. During our scheduled dinners, we met fellow passengers who also had a daughter close in age to Elizabeth. It was nice talking to another family with similar interests.

There were also quick-service food options and room service, which was helpful because those menus had more options for Elizabeth. Room service was incredibly helpful a couple of mornings when we were too tired to go to a restaurant for breakfast. The quick-service restaurant had her favorite safe foods, which included pizza, chicken tenders, and French fries. Even though we had multiple food options, I wish we had brought more pre-packaged snacks with us until she was used to the new foods, as all new flavors can be difficult for a child with autism.

Day 2: Ports of Call and Shore Excursions

After setting sail on the Disney Dream, our family eagerly anticipated the adventures that awaited in Nassau, Bahamas. Unfortunately, Elizabeth was not feeling well, so we pivoted our itinerary and decided to stay on the ship instead. It was a great decision because she got some much-needed rest, and we could explore the ship when most people were ashore.

Exploring the deck of the Disney Dream Cruise Ship
Exploring the Ship

It was much quieter on the ship, and very few people were around for many activities. This was a much better experience for us rather than pushing her too hard to walk around all day in an unknown city. We walked along the decks, had a nice relaxing day, and had plenty of time to prepare for the pirate night party!

Mom and Daughter on Disney Cruise dressed as pirates
Pirate Night!

Day 3: Disney Castaway Cay

Our day at Castaway Cay, Disney Cruise Line’s exclusive private island in the Bahamas, was the highlight of our trip. It offered the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure in a tropical paradise. The 1,000-acre island is designed to make the perfect beach day for families. The beaches had pristine white sand, clear turquoise waters, and lush landscaping.

Castaway Cay Private Island
Castaway Cay

We enjoyed various activities, from playing on the beach to waterslides at Pelican Plunge. For a bit of relaxation, Serenity Bay provided a tranquil adults-only retreat. The island also features family-friendly areas, including Scuttle’s Cove, a supervised kids’ club, and Castaway Family Beach.

Castaway Cay Splash Pad
Scuttle’s Cove Splash Pad

Our favorite meal of the entire trip was the barbeque lunch buffet on the island. Character meet-and-greets were also available along the way to the island. The tropical-themed Christmas decorations were beautiful and gave us many photo opportunities.

Reflections and Lessons Learned

Traveling on the Disney Dream with our daughter, Elizabeth, who has autism and ADHD, was an unforgettable experience. Reflecting on our journey brings forth heartwarming memories and valuable insights we gained along the way.

Girl of Disney Dream for Very Merrytime Cruise meeting Santa
Meeting Santa

Memorable Moments

One of the most heartwarming moments from our Disney cruise was witnessing Elizabeth’s sheer delight during the character meet-and-greets. Seeing her smile while interacting with her favorite Disney characters, especially when she met Minnie Mouse, was a priceless experience. Elizabeth was more excited to meet Minne than Santa Claus! The fireworks and pirate night party were also amazing experiences.

Minnie Mouse Meet-and-Greet on Disney Dream Cruise Ship
Elizabeth LOVED Minnie!

Tips for Families Traveling with Neurodiverse Children

  1. Plan Ahead: Research and communicate your child’s needs to Disney Cruise Line. They offer accommodations and services for guests with disabilities, including special dietary requirements. I wish we had known more about her sensory sensitivity to loud noises at the time because noise-canceling headphones would have been a game-changer on this trip.
  2. Bring Comfort Items: Some items might include their favorite blanket, small toys, a tablet, reusable water bottles, and beach toys.
  3. Utilize Youth Clubs: Take advantage of onboard youth clubs, such as the “It’s a Small World” nursery for younger children and the Oceaneer Club for older kids. Trained counselors provide engaging activities in a safe environment.
  4. Create a Visual Schedule: Prepare a visual schedule of the cruise itinerary to help your autistic child navigate the daily activities and routines, reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of predictability.
  5. Use Quiet Spaces: When your child’s sensory overload becomes overwhelming, seek out quieter areas on the ship for moments of respite and relaxation. We found the miniature golf area to be a relaxing spot that was less busy, and Elizabeth could burn off some energy.
  6. Stay Flexible: Embrace flexibility in your plans and be prepared to adapt to your child’s needs as they arise. Disney Cruise Line staff are accommodating and understanding, ready to assist in making your family’s cruise experience as smooth as possible.
Child dressed as Cinderella looking out a cruise ship portal window
Saying Goodbye!

Back to Reality

Sailing on the Disney Dream was an unforgettable experience and catered to our daughter Elizabeth’s needs. We were sad we had to return to reality at the end of the trip because it was such a wonderful escape. The staff made the entire journey seamless and memorable until the last moment. We would absolutely consider doing this trip again!

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