Empowering Elizabeth

Navigating Neurodiversity: Our Autism and ADHD Journey

Little girl driving in a pink pretend motorized jeep

Empowering Elizabeth is dedicated to supporting families on their autism and ADHD journey. Focusing on Wellness, Autism, Organization Tips, and Family, we offer invaluable insights for parents raising neurodiverse children.

Through articles, anecdotes, and advice, you can discover the diverse spectrum of autism and gain an appreciation for your child’s strengths and solutions to challenges.

Future plans include developing project management tools tailored for parents of neurodiverse children, enhancing daily life, and communicating with healthcare providers and educators.

Hi there! I’m Emily

Let me introduce myself. I’ve worn many hats – a wife, a mother to an amazing daughter diagnosed with autism and ADHD, and was a program manager for a large pharmaceutical company.

I hold a master’s degree in healthcare administration and am a project management professional (PMP). While I’ve had my share of boardrooms and deadlines, life had other plans. I stepped away from the corporate hustle to embrace my role as my child’s full-time primary caregiver. I may return to the corporate world someday, but this is where I should be for now!

Join me in exploring how I’ve merged my healthcare project management skills with parenting and the valuable lessons I’ve learned along the way. Let’s navigate this neurodiversity adventure together!